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Naweza Community Development Organization is a legally registered NGO operating in Kenya in five counties of Kiambu, Nairobi, Kitui, Nyeri and Mombasa. We are pursuing interventions aimed at ensuring education access; nutrition; protection and safety of women and girls through broad based innovative approaches and in partnership with multiple players. Naweza is based on the I CAN spirit among its founders which to ensure all children and women are able to chart their future in dignified, safe and prosperous paths by ensuring observance of the rights; availing choices and empowering them to take up opportunities.

  • Vision

    All children and women have rights, choices and opportunities to live their lives in dignity, with equal access to justice, social, economic opportunities and freedom from any form of violence and exploitation.

  • Mission

    To work towards a more equal society where the inherent value of women and children is recognized by promoting their social-economic development and advocating their rights, including eliminating all forms of discrimination, domestic violence, early marriages, labor, sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Our Values


We recognize that all women and girls enjoy equal rights, status and opportunities.


We make no distinction based on nationality, origin, race, religious beliefs, disability, indigenous heritage, sexual orientation, age, or other status


We acknowledge the social, cultural and sexual uniqueness of each and every woman, diverse and unique pathways of each individual towards greater equality.


We strive to conduct our work ethically and transparently.


We commit to proactively advances a positive agenda on women’s and children human rights.

Team work

We value the contributions team work to achieve the shared mission of empowering rights-holders.


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Naweza Kataas Human Trafficking

Naweza CDO has a deep understanding of the human trafficking dynamics in Kenya and this has enabled the organisation to design appropriate response interventions which are having an impact on the beneficiaries. Naweza understands that Kenya has a unique human trafficking problem as it is a source, transit and a destination of human trafficking...

Naweza Kids/Dada

Under Naweza Kids and Naweza Dada overarching thematic initiatives targets groups are women of all ages and children of all sexes. We define a child as between the ages of 0-15 years. We address concerns that ...


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