Naweza Kataas Human Trafficking

Naweza CDO has a deep understanding of the human trafficking dynamics in Kenya and this has enabled the organisation to design appropriate response interventions which are having an impact on the beneficiaries. Naweza understands that Kenya has a unique human trafficking problem as it is a source, transit and a destination of human trafficking. As a source of human trafficking this affects Kenyans and especially young women at the domestic level where women are trafficked from rural areas to work in the urban areas as domestic workers and sexual workers. Child prostitution is a huge challenge for Mombasa, Nairobi and Kiambu counties where Naweza operates. There are also women and girls who in search for dignified living end up being trafficked to the Gulf nations under the inhumane kafala system. Kenya is also a transit where other nationalities such as Ethiopia and Somalia pass through Kenya when they are being trafficked to South Africa and other countries. This group includes very vulnerable group of refugees who face harassment by the law enforcement apparatus if they are arrested. Going through the legal justice process is quite Naweza supports the fight against human trafficking. Under Naweza Dada the organization has been undertaking several activities including training of girls who are seeking opportunities abroad and who are prone to being exploited by conniving work agents and their employers. These training enables the girls to make the right decisions. Naweza also maintains the link between the girls and their families through WhatsApp and home visits. Naweza is also working with street girls through sanitary kits support. Naweza also supports the trafficking affected by gender based violence from employers and even their partners. The interventions of Naweza are currently low key and have not reached to large numbers despite the huge needs especially with regard to supporting the victims of human trafficking through the legal system and empowerment trainings for the victims. Naweza is constantly seeking support from partners to actualize its dreams. With financial support Naweza also aspires to upscale its web and online based interventions for involvement in pornography and pornography addiction especially for young boys in schools and out of schools. Naweza would also be able to maintain safe houses for the victims before they reintegrate with their families. Naweza would also be able to conduct baselines surveys on issues such a boys trafficking as this area has been neglected yet there are rising cases.

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Child prostitution is a huge challenge for Mombasa, Nairobi and Kiambu counties where Naweza operates